In financial markets the world over, access to information that is accurate and timely is a critical success factor and can be the difference between making successful investment decisions or otherwise. Our goal is to always stay ahead of the market and give our clients and ourselves some room to manoeuvre before certain trends or situations become obvious.

Our reports provide actionable information on the back of in-depth situational analysis of the economy, specific industries and current markets and also forecast the paths of certain economic indices, industries and quoted securities.

SCMC Group research is independent, rigorous, backed by facts, risk-reward based and follows a carefully articulated and documented methodology. It is also based on intuition developed over time by our analysts. 

Our research team consists of specialists in research and economics and they work together seamlessly to identify trading opportunities and devise strategies to make the best use of such opportunities as they emerge. Our team keeps a constant tab on all the listed securities in the Nigerian market while staying fully aware of what is going on in other African and international markets. 

The combination of people, our robust IT infrastructure and dedication gives us the ability to capitalize on the opportunities presented.Our coverage includes:

• Economic Research
• Equity and Debt Capital Research
• Industry and Sectoral Research
• Transaction Focused Research

We have periodic reports available for downloading and these reports are:Closing Bell: A daily newsletter with current domestic and international information, presented in a very user-friendly manner and some investor education “tit-bits”. Weekly Stock Picks: Our weekly release that presents our top five Buy and Sell stock picks. Periodic Reports

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